Consuming my own REST API

Two months ago, I published a short post over on my personal website / blog which informed people of the launch of a new portfolio website.

This portfolio website was a showcase for some of my personal projects, past and present. The website was built using HTML and vanilla Javascript and this resulted in a slideshow type website allowing the user to browse my projects one by one or by clicking a link under the current slide to browse directly to that project information.

I have now revamped this website using the VueJS framework which pulls the project information in the form of JSON data from a small homegrown API that I built using Python Flask. The website display has also been altered to show transparent effect flashcards instead of an online slideshow. If I add JSON records to the API, new flashcards will be automatically created on the portfolio website.

The benefits are that the quantity of HTML markup and Javascript has been significantly reduced and it is now quicker and easier for me to keep my portfolio website up to date.

Click here to see my new look portfolio website.