Below are a list of projects that I am either currently working on or have worked on in the past.
  • Johnstown People’s Park

This is a community based project where I work closely with the management company responsible for maintaining and developing the local park. My role is to develop and maintain the website for the park which can be viewed here: –

  • Johnstown Community

This website is aimed at promoting Johnstown as a location to work, live, and play.

A recent addition to this website was the development of a web app to allow members of the community the ability to post photos / videos of suspicious and anti-social behaviour. The web app was built using WordPress and included a custom / bespoke theme and modifications to existing plugins. The tool is available here:

  • is an established website in Ireland which allows users to email their elected representatives such as TD’s and Councillors. The creator made the most recent codebase available to the open source community. I forked the repository and modified the code to divide up the Councillor email list by municipal district or area so that members of the Constituency can email only their own representatives. This reduces the possibility emails being seen as irrelevant and therefore being ignored or deleted.

  • Online shout box

This is an online tool to help people who might be suffering from personal issues including, but not limited to mental health difficulties, physical health concerns, work or family related issues. This project is still in the initial phase of development. Details will be announced here shortly.

  • Password encryption tool

This is a small online tool allowing users to encrypt passwords by hashing them using md5 and sha1.

Code repository:

Live link:

  • Visualise CSV

This is an online tool allowing users to upload a CSV file that they wish to visualise using a visualisation library such as Highcharts. The current release of this project is a proof of concept.

Code repository:

Live link:

  • Doctor Doctor

An online tool that allows users to search common symptoms and receive information and advice relevant to the ailment. The tool is based on text / word recognition.

Code repository:

Live link:

  • SMS Reminder

A tool to allow the sending of reminders and event updates via SMS. This tool was written in Python and uses the Twilio API.

Code repository:

  • Kiduku

The Kiduku project is a research project which is a collaboration between Fujitsu, the Netwell research centre in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT), and the Insight Centre in University College Dublin (UCD). My role on this project included developing a front end interface for use by clinicians, managing the cloud infrastructure, and providing technical assistance and support during the field study.

  • Online reservation systems

(A) This system allowed users to book and pay for a Christmas event online. The system was integrated with Paypal and also included an administration control panel where staff could manage booking details and add payments to bookings that were made over the telephone (

(B) An application built to allow users keep track of who intended to stay in a holiday home (Strandhill bookings). 

  • Bespoke CRM system

This is a bespoke CRM system that I developed while working with a company in Galway to help them manage calls, appointments, correspondance, quotes, and orders from customers and prospects.

Code repository:

Caveat: This system was developed several years ago. It will require code updates and some modernisation.