5G – my thoughts

The latest wireless communication standard is being introduced and it is expected that carriers will roll this out in countries in which they operate. This post goes into further detail about what 5G is, where you might be able to use it today, and what devices currently support 5G.

When new technologies or new technology standards are introduced and a wider roll out is expected, some people can be excited about the benefits. Some of the benefits of 5G include the expected faster speeds than what we have seen with 3G and 4G and that 4G will not be replaced and is expected to co-exist with 5G meaning if a device does not get a 5G signal, the hand-off to the 4G signal should be imperceptible.

Not everyone is excited about 5G and it has attracted a lot of commentary from activists and conspiracy theorists who believe people’s chances of getting cancer will be increased exponentially. The background to this is that there has been a long standing belief that radio waves cause brain cancer, however it was discovered and reported some years ago that this was based on a misunderstanding of the human body and more specifically the skin’s ability to shield the brain from radio waves.

I have been reviewing numerous posts and articles on 5G. These articles and posts examine the benefits, the drawbacks, and whether there is any substance of truth to claims made about 5G with regard to any implications or risks to our health. It appears clear that there is no evidence that 5G will negatively impact our health. Scientific research completed to date indicates that radio waves and the latest communication standard 5G is in fact safe. As with all evolving and improving technology I would naturally be in favour of continued scientific research into any effect this may or may not have whether that be positive or negative. I would be concerned about activists and conspiracy theorists appearing to ‘jump the gun’ and conclude that 5G is dangerous without the backing of scientific research. It has been noted that when activists point to research indicating that cellphone radiation negatively affects human health, it is also clear that these activists cherry-pick from research that they believe supports their own views and ignore other parts of the research that finds or suggests no link to health hazards or implications.

Based on the articles and posts that I have read, I would be of the opinion that the introduction of 5G has not been proven to be dangerous or hazardous to date and any claims made that suggest otherwise appear to be fear mongering or scare mongering for the time being. As I stated I am in favour of research continuing in this area, but for now I believe we can look forward to any benefits that the introduction and roll out of 5G is expected to deliver.

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